Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Therapist dream

It's amazing who shows up in dreams.  What's perhaps even more amazing is how the anti-depressant works, even when three unscheduled clients show up at once, and the Bishop walks through.

Last night
Three clients appeared
At once.
Oh, my bad
I said
Even though I had only one client
In my appointment book
And that one
Was none of the three
Who showed.
My bad
I said
Even though
I never use that expression.
Let’s reschedule
I said
With all three grouped
In my office
But not the one I knew
Might arrive
Any minute.
Then the Bishop arrived
To make himself a cup of coffee.
I could tell
He wanted me to introduce him
To the three assembled.
I didn’t.
There are,
After all,
Rules of confidentiality.

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