Thursday, June 30, 2011

Halfway House: Day three

Internship at the halfway house.  What a good place to be, and learn, and weep.  I know it*s not for everyone, but really, I wish it was.  I really wish it was.

Day three at the halfway house.
Clearly it*s not for everyone.
Not for all addicted people,
But really
I mean Everyone
I mean all people everywhere,
Addicted to any substance whatsoever
Or even addicted to anything that blocks the road
To Life.
I figure that*s all of us.
Day two I found myself in tears
Four times

I am an intern.
I listen and learn and, it seems,
I learn again it*s not for everyone,
This place of accountability and honesty,
This place where people sign over
Their lives to learn better ways
To live.
I learn again
Indeed it is for everyone but sometimes
Now is not the time,
It may never be the time.
Here people learn they have to
Ask for help,
They can*t do it alone.

Day three.
I want to admit everyone
To a halfway house
Including myself.
I hear the reader in church.
Choose life.
He says
And then, because it bears repetition,
Perhaps we didn*t hear the first time,
He says again:
Choose life.

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  1. Catharine, it sounds like a beautiful place. (Of course, beautiful is often not easy.) If only there were more half-way houses for all of us.