Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Landing

I started my 300 hour CADC internship yesterday.   In exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, exactly the right people.   I went to internship seminar and there it was again:  I may have suspected, but I didn*t know until I got there, both places.  

(This feels like one of those Dr. Seuss reflections, or possibly something from the Gospel of John, or Paul.  I*ve never put the three in one sentence together.  I wonder if they would like it.  I wonder if they all hoped what they wrote was comprehensible.)

Can you tell?  I love the new beginning.

Sometimes God lands me
In the exact situation
Where I can learn exactly
What I need to know
But never knew I needed to be there
To learn it
Until I got there
And knew.

Sometimes, often,
I learn it as I go,
Find the particulars

I know it is exactly the right place
With the right people.
They may even have tiny offices
Without windows,
Whiteboards with the names of people
On the wall.
But there is laughter between
The tiny offices,
When someone goes out for coffee,
They bring a cup in
For the person left behind,
With just enough cream,
The way he likes it.

I know you know what I mean.

Sometimes you have to be there
To know what being there
Exactly means.

Sometimes God lands you
And you just have to be there
To know
It is exactly the right place.

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