Monday, June 27, 2011

Rough places made smooth

Today with certified clean teeth, and near-certified clean carotid arteries, I vacuum the living room and clip flowers from the garden for the front table.

This afternoon I begin the CADC internship at Serenity House.  Another new beginning.  I run my tongue over my teeth and remember.

It is easier to keep things clean
Than do it all
From scratch
In the first place.

I have just returned from the dentist
With now clean teeth.
My tongue finds the rough places
Made smooth.
It is almost biblical.
I search for the right psalm
To quote.

I wait for the call
From the doctor.
If the technician is to be believed,
It promises to certify
My carotid arteries
The blood flow to my brain
Clear and free.

Today I begin again:
Clean teeth,
Clean arteries.
Clean slate.
I vacuum the living room,
Put flowers from the garden
On the front table.
My tongue finds the rough places
Made smooth.
I am reminded:
Today I begin again.

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