Sunday, June 16, 2013

Bird ID

We are not power birders, my beloved and I.  We know just enough to impress people who know only the robin by sight.  Still, we know enough bird calls to know when something is new, and we know enough to listen to the Cornell Ornithology Lab*s bird recordings to figure things out.  We knew this bird sounded small and sparrow-like, even when we could not see it.  Now that we have identified the chipping sparrow, we won*t have to bother the cat for awhile.

The bird
In the maple tree
Across the street
Calls every morning.
We have never caught him
Out in the open.
Evenings we sat and listened
To the Cornell Ornithology Lab,
Bird call
After bird call,
Every possible sparrow.
The cat became tipsy
On bird calls.
Every possible sparrow.
Two weeks on
We figured it out:
A chipping sparrow.
Now we wait for his appearance.
Now the cat
Can finally relax.

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