Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lots and lots

This is not really about forgiveness, unless you need it to be about forgiveness.  Once again, it is about counting... or more specifically, not needing to count.  I had a wonderful meeting yesterday with a therapist colleague who has been a therapist for years.  While he talked about wanting to teach what he can about the therapist craft to new therapists or therapists-to-be, and cited the 10,000 hours of practice principle, I left him remembering how he taught a class I took in grad school, and his openness, and how I could call him for lunch and have conversations like this one.  

Forgiveness takes lots and lots
Of practice.
Jesus said it:
Seventy seven times
Or perhaps
Seventy times seven.
Or any-hoo,
As my father used to say,
Lots and lots,
No matter how
We translate the number
From the Greek:
Lots and lots.
We must forgive
Until we simply lose track
Of the count
And it becomes
As natural
As breathing.

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