Saturday, June 29, 2013

List: Take one

I used to be able to do most anything.  OK, not anything.  I will never be a mountain climber, for example.  The list I write about has to do with what I used to be able to do, comfortably.  Now I am forced to pare down the list.  I am 58.  Somehow I had it in my mind that such paring-down came at age 70.  Why 70?  Well, it seemed somehow... older.  I found myself sitting with a client last week who has had to pare things down in his early fifties.  Several health/life things happened to him in the last three years.  Right.

The list
Of what I can no longer do
Has grown longer and faster
In the last three years.
Every item is check-marked
By the life I live,
By those I love.
There are things
I can no longer do,
Paths I can
No longer take.
Items on the list
Are highlighted
In fluorescent yellow
As opportunities
Present themselves
For viewing.

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