Sunday, June 23, 2013


This morning we worshiped in our church which has been transformed into an art exhibit (Icons in Transformation).  As a family we arrived late and sat in three separate pews, one in front of the other, in the back of the church, because there was a sculpture filling the middle section of the three pews.  I am 58.  Transformation at 58 has so many more pieces to work with.  I am still not sure how the component parts   will be put together.  I may have to wait a long while for the final gold leaf.  All icons have a wash of gold.

Years ago
Transformers were
The go-to toy.
They only morphed
Into particular set forms.
For a long while
Were the toy of the year.
No longer.
Now it seems transformation
Goes well beyond
Anything we can ask
Or imagine
Even anything that bears resemblance
To a toy
Of any description.
Transformers at age 58
Take every possible component part
Twist and turn it
So it lines up
Yet also forms
A completely different creature
Unimagined until now
Yet still somehow
The same.
Only then
It is touched up
With gold leaf
So it catches the Light
Just so

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