Saturday, June 1, 2013


So.  There*s this vimeo by Ira Glass about the creative process.  It feels deeply true.  Not just for writers, or artists or the named/unnamed creative folk... you know, the ones who claim creativity as their life*s work.  No.  It seems true for all of us, working and practicing to get it more right, whatever it is.  Here it is:  

I find it simple.  And brilliant.

I sit with people
One by one
By one.
They sit with me
We teach each other
To listen,
Then listen some more.
Really only sometimes,
A door or window
Cracks open
And we can ease it open
A little more,
Until we can see
What*s inside,
A glimmer
Of what*s inside.
Or a perhaps a glimmer
Of what*s outside.

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