Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hints of rain

Saturday morning.  I arise later than usual but everyone else is still asleep.  I love such times: quiet, unplanned, uncluttered.  I love the fact that after we cleaned out the guest room, the cat has claimed it for his own, head on the pillows, snoring.  I love being able to reflect on the week, in quiet.  Next week will bring what it will.  For now it is quiet inside, with potential for rain outside.

The house is silent.
All are sound asleep.
Even the cat is snoring
On the bed he has claimed
In the guest room.
The weather?
With hints of rain,
Certainly past,
But rain possibly
Yet to come.
I welcome such days
Unfilled with brightness,
For the time being.
Plans will come
Soon enough.
I pull together the pieces
From last week:
The trip to the terminal moraine
And back;
Clearing the house
For the cleaning lady
To come
On Friday.
The house is silent
With clean bathrooms and kitchen
Dusted and vacuumed
Silent and clean
For now.
Hints of rain past
And yet to come.

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