Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Reflections on the day

I write every day... something.  I try to write first thing in the morning.  Of course, sometimes other things take over.  Sometimes I don*t get to write until late evening, right before bed.  Sometimes, I admit, I write to get the writing out of the way.  This is in part why I call these things reflections and not poems.  Poems take work and editing, I think.  Reflections are simply that:  reflections.

Every morning I wake up
First thing I write
The morning reflection.
Most often
If I write it later
Other things take over.
Even when other things
Take over
Before I can write,
Then I write an afternoon
Sometimes I have to wait
Until right before bed,
A different reflection
Than I would write in the morning
I title it
An evening reflection.
Even when the day
Has been taken over completely
I write something
Call it
A little something
Before bed
A bit like a cup of herbal tea
To cap off the day.

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