Saturday, June 1, 2013

Blues and purples

This started as a piece on how certain blues in flowers almost glow when the sun is barely setting.  Clearly it didn*t go there.  Kinda like the clematis, almost not trainable in its growth.  A few years ago we began collecting metal sculptures for the yard, welded-together pieces of farm implements, painted with weather-durable paint.  The purple dog is now placed next to the rhubarb.

In flowers
I favor
The blues and purples.
They grab my attention
Every time.
Today the blue wild indigo
Thrives in the back yard,
Graces the front table
With blue-purple blossomed curves.
The lobelia
Promises accent
In the front planters.
The clematis of unknown origin
Will show purple
In late June.
This year it is barely trainable
With its vines and tendrils.
This year
The clematis spans two columns.
I have added more garden twine
For its growth.
Even the thistle
Has perfect purple top-knots
If allowed to grow.
There is low purple-flowered growth
Next to the rhubarb,
In the vegetable bed.
The bed no longer harbors vegetables.
Instead it holds the rhubarb,
A leggy elderberry bush,
And our painted purple metal dog sculpture.
The sculpture marks the garden
As a piece of art.

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