Sunday, June 2, 2013

Parish picnic

A bit colder and more than a sprinkling of rain would have kept us home... warm.  We were grateful to climb back in the car and bake our eyeballs, in memory of Barry.

Today marked the obligatory
Annual church picnic.
The location was changed
Yet again.
We found it
Just before the Gospel
Was read
On this chill gray day.
As near as I could tell
The only ones dressed appropriately
Were the ones who stood next
To the well-heated barbecue grill.
The rest of us
Off and on.
The day was not cold
Or wet enough
To cancel.
Years ago we had a cat
Who would get chilled
Position his head
Over the heat vent,
Bake his eyeballs.
On the way home
We baked our eyeballs
In the car,
Heat full blast.
We remembered Barry.

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