Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cicada emergence

Entomologists (bug people) put a fine point on bug relations.  Cicadas are the focus this year.  Much has been written about the seventeen year emergence due, oh, long about now.  I wondered where they were.  It  seems the great Illinois emergence won*t happen until 2024.  The cicadas emerging this year are the East Coast variety.  Who knew?  Not me.  For more info (by IL entomologists), go here:

Entomologists question
Which brood of cicadas
Is related to which.
It seems cicadas emerge
In different parts of the country
At different times.
They wait underground
To emerge
I have been waiting
Here in Illinois
For the seventeen year emergence
Which now it seems
Will occur
In 2024.
On the East Coast
Cicadas climb out of the ground
In clusters,
Acres of cicadas.
We wait
Until the giant emergence
Slated for 2024.
Entomologists question
Who is related to who,
What is related to what,
Which is related to which.
We have always questioned
Such things.
Or not.

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