Saturday, June 15, 2013


I told this story at least twice this week, possibly more.  I have always admired the clarity of my son*s response.  That piece of newsprint was taped to the side of the refrigerator for years.  I don*t want to do this anymore.  This week I let go of two or three things, one of them was large.  Or at least it felt large.  Next week I need to clean off my feet, find fresh socks and shoes, and wait for the next thing to come along.  

The preschool exercise
Was to dip feet
In black paint,
Then walk across
A long strip of newsprint.
The teacher wrote
What the child said
In a thought balloon
Next to the footprints.
It*s wet
This is fun
My feet felt squishy
The teacher was faithful
To their words.
My son
Age three
Arrived home
With his long strip of newsprint,
Footprints black and even.
The thought balloon read:
I don*t want to do this anymore.

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