Monday, June 24, 2013


I am grateful for June... all the graduations, new beginnings.  June is the month of my husband*s birth, our wedding anniversary (today)(18 this year), my ordination to diaconate.  Not to mention all those graduation times, even the ones that happened in May (I conveniently move them to June in my mind, so they won*t be forgotten, in the welter of May*s endings).  Sometimes I imagine June as a time to re-color what has become pale during the year.  Sometimes occasions even become a different color in time.

June is a month of celebration,
A warm, often wet, occasion
Of graduations,
And times begging
Lifelong remembrance.
It is second only
To May
Come to think of it.
In June I remember again
Pieces of who I am
Pieces which pale
Over the year
Only to gain color again
In June
Like the fully purpled clematis
If I only
But pay attention.

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