Saturday, June 29, 2013

List: Take two

Even as I was making list number one in my head, list number two came to mind.  Perhaps this is because I am positively inclined.  This reflection is about the list of what I have to offer right now.  Of course it may change as things arise.  Things seem to have a way of arising.  

I make another list.
This is the list of things
I can offer
Given who I am
At this time
In my life.
I write the bishop
With two offers.
I offer pastoral care
For anyone
In the world.
I offer alcohol and drug assessment
For those who fall through the cracks
Of the system
Such as it is.
I offer to sit with anyone
To listen for
What God
May be saying.
This is list number two.
List three
has yet
to be determined.
Stay tuned.

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