Wednesday, September 21, 2011


One week out from the concussion.  I use the morning Sudoku to figure out the state of things.  I figure out there is no consistency, no clear progression up.  Oh, bother.  Why do I think this will present some sort of clear progression up?  I have always bought into the learning curve idea.  Maybe it*s time to learn from the cat and sleep.

Forget the president,
Or what day it is
I use the Sudoku to figure out
Where I am today.
Today is not so good.

In the middle of the night
I wake up and think maybe
The last 55 hours of internship
May take me the better part
Of a year,
The six months of no driving
Is the least of it.
I had no idea.
When I say at least I will understand
Clients who are recovering
from a concussion,
Jeff says
Have you heard the word vicarious,
Sometimes it*s good to read about things.

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