Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The smoke has finally cleared

The smoky smell had everyone guessing yesterday here in northern Illinois.  It turns out we were smelling smoke from a fire on the Minnesota/Canadian border.  I know there*s a big scientific explanation, but really I think that we never know exactly where the wind will blow next, or how hard it will blow, or how far it will come.  As a child I somehow thought my dad was in charge of such things.

The smoke has finally cleared.
North winds brought the fire
In the Boundary Waters of Minnesota
Here to the western suburbs
Of Chicago.
Everyone was surprised the smoke
Could travel so far,
Carried on the wind.
I heard the news last night.
It reminded me of my Minnesota
I remembered Dad, head bowed,
As he researched wind patterns
In Northern Minnesota,
As he contemplated plans
For the fallout shelter.

Dad, you could not have predicted this,
You could never have predicted this,
Never really have anticipated
Just how far the wind would travel
Or even its direction.
Back then you were in charge
Of the wind.

Here the smoke has finally cleared.
Here and now I never know where the wind
Will come from

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