Thursday, September 22, 2011

It all lines up

Today I was supposed to be done with internship and on to the next chapter in my life.  Today I am reminded again that it all lines up... just not in the way I had planned... exactly.  Right.  This is not new.  At all.  Yet it is... again... new.  

Today was the finish line,
The last day of internship.
I was focused.
Then it changed to next week.
There were other plans
Oh I*m not going to say God wanted me
To have
A urinary tract infection,
A seizure,
A resulting concussion, but it seems
The right people were lined up
To catch me,
To call the ambulance,
To understand my laughter when it seemed the doctor
Didn*t know
the President of the United States.
The right people called on the phone this last week
At the right time.
The right person was there
To marry years ago,
Said the right thing
I will.
It seems I discover new rightness
Every day,
When I look at it,
Skewed or straight,
It lines up
Exactly right.
It lines up
Even down to my telling the doctor
In the emergency room
Last Wednesday
It is Wednesday.
It lines up even down to
My husband and the doctor
Being amazed.

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