Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Wall

It is interesting to me to note who stays, who leaves the halfway house, and how they stay, or leave.  Sometimes the story seems clear, sometimes it gets clearer in time, sometimes it remains muddy and I*m left wondering if the whole idea is just to say to someone: See?  I gave it a try...when really all the effort went to maintain the facade, and the wall was hardly there at all.  

Yesterday I found my client
Went over the wall.
Of course he didn*t tell anyone.
Now I wonder why he was even there
At all.
There were pieces to the story
I will never know.
I do know
He did not find serenity
He knew the patter,
The steps.
He knew what to say.
He knew that he knew
How to make this work.
On Friday
He went over the wall
Which is hardly a wall
At all.

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