Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Dry wall people... gone

I would rather write reflections on birds or the way light changes in the fall, or even the duck lady out back.  Not surprisingly, the dry wall people grab my attention.  They are not here today... yet still I anticipate their return.  The contractor is still apologizing for the flood.  He has offered to lend us his power washer.  His electrical people are here installing kitchen lights for free.  We are glad we decided to do things from the top... down.  The dry wall people are not here today.   They will probably return tomorrow.

Today the dry wall people
Are gone.
For now.
In their place,
The electrical people
Hammer conduit in position
In the stripped bare
Kitchen ceiling.
For last week*s kitchen flood,
We receive free installation
Of kitchen lighting.
The tile person works upstairs.
He seems
Like he knows
What he is doing.
Today the dry wall people
Are gone.
They will most likely return

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