Saturday, September 29, 2012

Old/new chair

I sit in midst of family room chaos.  I see different things from the perspective of my new/old writing chair.  The old blue writing chair is in the living room with kitchen things stacked on it.  The tile guy comes on Monday.  After the tile sets, we will move the stove back into the kitchen while we await the cabinets.  Still, the red chair will be my writing chair for the time being.  Time for another cup of coffee.

I am hunkered down
In the old/new red chair.
This is the third writing chair
I have had in as many years.
This morning it faces
A sleeping turtle,
A sleeping cat,
Both peaceful
In family room chaos.
I poured my coffee
In the upstairs bathroom,
Got cream from the refrigerator
In the living room.
My daughter brought a friend home
To spend the night
Two nights ago.
In the morning,
I found the friend curled up
In this very chair,
My daughter on the sofa.
It seems our house
Is more comfortable
Than the friend*s house.

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