Sunday, September 9, 2012

Small kitchen

Yet one more reflection in the renovation series.  Months ago we went through motions to re-do the kitchen.  One contractor thought we should get rid of a kitchen wall.  This plan shrunk our already small dining area.  Contractor number two had good renovation skills but was zilch in the design department.  Months later we have backed into a kitchen with contractor number three, who works with a free-lance designer.  They describe themselves as the Odd Couple and share a showroom.  We were not planning on doing a kitchen so soon, but I guess we are.  I leave on a pilgrimage to Iona Wednesday morning.  Life will continue on after I am gone, and of course, when I return.  I hope for small things:  a drawer for my pots and pans, clear glass in the sliding doors so I can see the birds.  And yes, a workable, functional, pleasant kitchen.

Today we settled on floor tile
For the kitchen.
We even came to semi-agreement
On the backsplash.
The door person yesterday
Was completely unhelpful,
Apologetically unhelpful.
The combination
Made it worse.
Our kitchen is small
As kitchens go these days.
It will stay small.
No gourmet chef
Will ever worry about tired feet
As they stand for hours
On the tile we chose today
Making tiramisu.
No gourmet chef
Will ever buy our house
In the middle of our particular community.
Ours will be a kitchen
With no warming ovens
Or freezer drawers.
There will be a drawer
For pots and pans.
I hope for sliding doors
With clear glass
To see the birds in back.
We heard blue jays yesterday.
I want to see the birds
Fly through
On their way
South or North,
Or perhaps stay with us awhile,
Outside our new kitchen
With clear glass.

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