Monday, September 24, 2012

Lady in purple

I am re-acclimating to Chicago time.  In the process I will post from the last couple weeks.  I met this woman close to the beginning of my journey.  How many women in purple cassocks have you seen recently... in the airport?  I still have her book.  

I have only seen people
In purple cassocks,
Clerical collars,
In precious spaces.
Usually it signifies
The presence of a bishop.
The Newark airport was graced
With a woman in a purple cassock,
A clerical collar,
Ebony cross.
She told me she was
Mother Clare,
Spiritual and Teaching Master,
Co-founder and Priest
Of the mystical Christian Order
Of Christ Sophia.
She was delighted
I was on my way to Iona.
She was on her way
To Stockholm,
All in purple,
Next gate over.
She gave me her book
And brochure.
I didn*t dare leave it
In Newark.

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