Friday, September 7, 2012

Grout with sand

Today the upstairs bathroom is being grouted with two different kinds of grout.  Who knew there were so many kinds?  I remember my parishioner from years ago who regaled me with stories of all the different kinds of paint and coatings required for bridges.  Why does it surprise me that grout is as varied?  

My love has gone to the tile store.
It seems the tile guy
Needs more grout,
Grout with sand
For the floor.
It seems
There are almost
As many kinds and colors
Of grout
As stars in the sky
Pebbles on the beach,
Whichever metaphor
For abundance
We choose.

Yesterday the acupuncture lady
Told me
She is grout too.
She connects people
In different ways
Than I do.

I am grout.
Perhaps even grout with sand.
I have company

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