Thursday, September 27, 2012


This was written after our first full day on Iona.  Somehow fittingly, it was a Sunday.  For those not in the Episcopal Church family, Fort Worth is a diocese which is working to re-order its life after a sizeable group split off.  I sat at Sunday breakfast with the Chancellor (read: lawyer) of the re-ordered diocese.  She is facing October court battles over who owns what church property.  This was not what I expected to find on a small, isolated island in Scotland.  

Today is a day
I did not do things
On the list.
After church and lunch,
A long nap was in order.
Now I think
A glass of wine before dinner.
The group
Grown to 40,
Hiked to the North End beach.
I slept instead.
Here I see well
Sea?  I hear well too.
This morning*s breakfast
Brought Fort Worth
To the table,
To the flow of things I imagined
I knew it would not be quite
What I expected,
Even when I tried
To expect nothing.

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