Saturday, September 1, 2012


We have never been fond of the white tile which runs from the front door through the kitchen.  It doesn*t stay clean for more than a minute.  Yesterday the men working on the drywall in the upstairs bathroom broke a pipe and the kitchen flooded.  We cleaned up all day.  The kitchen renovation we were planning for next year will likely come sooner.  Now it*s not just a dead dishwasher, but the water means something is wrong with the stove as well.  House of cards?  Jenga?  Pick your metaphor.  

Now there is a squishy spot
Under the white kitchen tile.
We have figured
To replace the white tile
For a long time now.
Now it seems
A fait accompli.
Now the top down
One thing at a time,
Is instead
A house of cards,
A game of Jenga,
Pick your metaphor.
Move one thing
In the pile
Watch everything shift,
Settle to new locations.
Now the lack of kitchen ceiling
Gives us easy access
To the floor above,
The squishy tile
To the basement.
We consider the move
To a future ranch home
On a slab.

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