Friday, September 28, 2012

Places thick and thin

I am trying to see the thin-ness here, in the midst of renovation.  I will have at least six to eight weeks of practice.  I returned from Iona knowing I was not done yet... with Quincy, with Fort Worth, with priesthood, with anything, really.  I realize I was yearning for something new, even when I thought I traveled there with few expectations.  No.  For the time being my new writing chair overlooks the turtle tank.  This morning he is sleeping peacefully.  At least it seems he is sleeping.

The pilgrimage leader offered:
When it is said Iona is a thin place,
It does not mean that other places are
Home here
In the midst of renovation,
I aim to make a chair
In the family room
My writing chair.
I am surrounded by pots and pans,
Plates next to the door,
Next to the sofa.
The cat dishes sit
Under the television.
The turtle tank rests
In its usual place.
He can write,
If he could write
(of course)
V e r y  s l o w l y
From his regular spot.
This place feels particularly thick
To me
Surrounded by everything
At once.
If I squint
I think I see the turtle
He has never had so much company
At once.
It seems this may be
A thin place
For Felix.
Of course
He will never say.

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