Sunday, September 2, 2012

They broke our house

Standing in coffee hour after church this morning, we join our chapter to the home remodeling disaster book.  As disasters go, ours is mild in comparison, very mild.  I am reminded of other disasters I have lived through and out the other side.  This is mild in comparison with them as well.  In this I have good company, a wonderful companion, and I still have my colorful stack of potholders, now in the laundry as they were directly under the flood from above.  I*m sure this experience will prove itself to be helpful in the long run.  And probably even funnier.

I remember years ago
I waited for the divorce
To be final,
Walked through it step by step,
Figured years down the road
I might be helpful
To someone else
In similar circumstances.
In those days I made
Stack upon stack
Of colorful potholders,
Each one symbolic
Of an evening alone
With a small child,
Not yet two.
Today I am in a solid marriage,
Shared humor,
The kitchen ceiling
Today we hear more stories
Of construction
Gone wrong
Oh so wrong.
We join our chapter
To the book
Of construction stories.
They broke our house,
My daughter says.
Her friend regales her
With her own story
Of construction gone wrong.
It seems we are not the first people
To get the beginnings
Of a new kitchen
From a bathroom remodel
Perhaps in time
It will be even funnier

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