Saturday, September 8, 2012

No workers in sight

Today we can breathe a bit.  The bathroom is almost done.  No workers are scheduled for the weekend.  We will do the kitchen this fall.  It is a project that has grown and shrunk at least weekly.  We had put it off until next year, then the water came through, killed the stove and made the tile squishy.  So later today we have an appointment to look at cabinets.

The cat follows
The strip of sunlight
Through the living room.
There are no workers here today.
He can relax,
Claim his weekend
Like us.
The upstairs bathroom almost done
We consider the kitchen.
It will be simple
As far as kitchens go
These days.
The old bathroom fixtures wait
On the front porch
To be picked up
For recycling.

The weekend:
No workers in sight.
Cat in the sun.

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