Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I met the Duchess in the gift shop, before ordering tea and scones.  It really is another world, one that I was not expecting.  I did not expect interactions with royalty,  Especially in the gift shop.  Now I am home with my Duchess apron, with a demolished kitchen, the refrigerator in the living room, the coffee pot in our bathroom upstairs.  I am waiting to use my apron.

I met the Duchess of Argyle
In the gift shop
Of the Inveraray Castle.
She was wearing a kitchen apron.
It read, simply,
The Duke had gone to fetch the children,
Two boys and a girl,
Lady Charlotte
Age four.
She was a cab driver
Before she married
The Duke.
The Duchess rang up my purchases.
I bought a Duchess apron,
Had her sign it for me.
It appeals to my sense of whimsy.
The whole scene.
I will wear the apron
When the kitchen is complete.
I will pretend
I live in a castle.