Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Shorter list

It is always a surprise to me that lists loom larger the longer I put them off.  I remember a client years ago who was avoiding cleaning a white chair in her living room.  She was depressed.  I avoided saying what was going through my mind: Get rid of the white chair!   The chair loomed larger and dirtier the longer she didn*t clean it.  When she finally got it cleaned, she was able to do any number of things.  I often ask people what*s the one thing they*re putting off doing.  Often it*s something small.  We put a lot of energy into avoiding things.  My preparation list is blessedly short right now.  I am grateful.

The list grows shorter.
It had loomed large and larger
As I left it
On the table.
Most everything
Can be done
With the plumber upstairs,
The cat sound asleep
In the shade,
The sun having left
The living room.
Now the laundry is done.
Now the bank and credit card people
Have wished me bon voyage,
Promised no stop payments
While I am gone.
Now the backpack beckons me
To fill it
With airplane essentials.
I have found the exact right book
To journal the adventure.
It was gifted
When I was 25 years
A priest.
There is still a list
But less of one.
The plumber just finished.
The cat has installed himself
Under the new bathroom cabinet.
I consider lunch.

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