Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall light

I have always been connected to the seasons.  When one part of the natural order seems off schedule (the trees being green when it is the end of September, for example), I often feel out of order as well.  On Iona I understood this connection again.  Fall has always been a favorite season for its coolness and blue skies and bright leaves.  This year it has a sadness to it.  It feels like a lot more change is afoot.  The trees seem to be pretending it is still summer.

The fall light turns.
I have not planted the mums
I meant to plant
In the outdoor planters.
Soon the planters
Will hold pumpkins.
The fall light has begun
Its turn
To winter.
The trees have not caught up
To the light.
They hold on
To summer green.
I want to tell them
To stop pretending.
The birds
Are not fooled.
They know summer
Is on its way out.
They mass into cawing screeching gaggles
In the green trees.
Maybe the trees will hear
The birds.
I watch the light,
Listen to birds.
It is perhaps too late
For mums.

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