Friday, May 31, 2013


As I sit here I feel the numbness under my right ear.  I*m told it should all wear off in the early afternoon.  I am sort of drinking coffee from a mug I rarely use.  I am dribbling.  The mug says Thank you for not being perky.  Thank you, I tell the mug, thank you... it is great to be honored in my non-perkiness.

Back from the dentist
My upper jaw is numb
Through my right nostril
And slightly
Under my right eye.
You will be able to eat
The dentist said.
Sitting here I think
You didn*t tell me
Drinking coffee
Would be such a challenge.
Sitting here
I dribble.
And I write
Numb of jaw.
I push my husband
To reschedule
His dental appointment.
My honorable aim
Is to promote his self-care.
Or maybe not
So secretly,
As I dribble,
I really seek

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