Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Add water

More Wizard of Oz (see yesterday*s reflection).  I am still considering melting the new supervisor with a bucket of water.  I imagine by Monday I will be able to wish her well.  This week I count the people I will miss and spend some good time with them.  Next Monday I will not carry water with me.

The new supervisor
(Not mine)
Says she knows everything.
She believes that an intern
And a volunteer counselor
Are exactly
The same thing.
Since I no longer count hours;
Since next Monday
Is my final day
As a volunteer,
I count the people
I will miss.
I count my way
To a good ending,
One conversation
At a time.
After I metaphorically
Drop a house
On the new supervisor,
In my head,
Mind you,
I consider buckets of water
And then
Only then
I wish her well:
Out loud.

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