Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Are you a good witch or a bad witch?  Oh... but I*m not a witch at all.   

When I grew up we had a black and white TV.   Because of this, while I imagined the Emerald City to be green, and the ruby slippers to be red, I never knew that Glinda, the good witch, wore pink.  On a black and white TV,  It looked like she was dressed in white.  It wasn*t until I was in seminary, in my mid-twenties, that I saw the Wizard of Oz in color.  Amazing.  Who knew?  Glinda wore PINK.  It seemed... well... wrong, somehow.

This, I think, is my fifth witch reflection.  The new supervisor, the supervisor who will not be my supervisor, wore dark pink yesterday.  She was most clearly a good witch.  Or perhaps she was not a witch at all.

She must have chosen
Her sparkle shoes
To wear yesterday morning.
I admit I did not see
Her feet,
But she did arrive
In a dark pink blouse,
And the wind
Ok the breeze
Was clearly warmer,
Out of the south.

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