Thursday, July 4, 2013


I am on pastoral care duty this week.  It seems fitting that today is Independence Day as I consider we are all moving in that direction.  Today is the day of our release, or tomorrow, or even fifty years from now. We are all on our way.  We are all getting used to the idea.  The arms of God are wide open to catch us.

Today I reflect
On another sort.
As fireworks explode
In the distance;
As the gym is unusually full 
For a weekday;
As I stand next to the bed
Of a dying man,
I remember today
May be Independence Day
For any number of folk
Or maybe it will tomorrow
Or the next day even.
The man has already taken
A turn toward independence.
The fact of the Fourth of July
Is neither here
Nor there.
The man
Is already on his way.
He is getting used
To the idea.
The arms of God
Are wide open
This is independence
Of a different sort
But Independence
All the same.

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