Saturday, July 27, 2013

Talking with the witch

Usually I let unrecognized numbers go to voice mail.  Yesterday I didn*t.  I answered the phone from my comfy chair.  The witch and I had a regular professional conversation.  All night I dreamed regular conversations with people I rarely talk with anymore.  This is witch reflection number three.  I have moved through dropping a house on her, dissolving her in water, to a civil professional conversation.  This bodes well for Monday.

Sitting in my cozy chair
On a Friday off,
I answer the phone.
I forget the witch
Has my number.
She has decided to counsel
A client I will leave.
She will meet him
On Monday,
Begin to see him
The week after I am gone.
I sit in the blue recliner
This Saturday morning.
I woke all night
In the midst of regular conversations
With people
I never talk to
In the daylight yesterday
I talked with the witch.
I forgot
She had my number.

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