Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Jungle Gymnastics

It is another hot muggy day.  I sit in the air conditioning.  Outside the morning activity in the back yard picks up.  I think I will take the turtle for a spin in the warm today.  He loves weather like this.

The entire back yard
Has morphed
Into jungle gymnastics.
One squirrel has found a stick.
It amuses him entirely.
He throws it in the air
And catches it.
Another squirrel
Lures him away.
They leap and chase up one tree
Down another,
Back to the stick.
A chipmunk has found
The perfect rock
To survey his tiny world
In the sun
With chipmunk eyes.
Yesterday a bunny rabbit
Claimed the middle of the lawn
As his,
Chewed grass,
Cleaned his ears with his front paws
Almost exactly
Like the cat.
In the obstacle course
That is my back yard
The animals are amused.
Sometimes at night
We hear raccoons scream,
Or even catch an opossum waddle
On its tiny possum feet.
He bares his teeth
If he sees us.

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