Saturday, July 20, 2013


I attended another workshop yesterday.  It was a good review.  I could have taught it myself.  But I did re-connect with someone I haven*t seen in a few years.  I thought: It could be I am here for this connection, somehow.  The resume itself, its catalog of accomplishments and experiences, now feels like one of those historical documents in the back of the Prayer Book.

I wake up laughing.
I have tailored my resume
To appeal
To many different sectors.
I have done
More training
Than I can ever use
In a lifetime.
Now is the time
To begin.  
I laugh as I re-read
My resume.
I have no one left
To give it to.
In fact
I don*t believe
I need one anymore.
I will keep it
For posterity.
I will do
What seems right.

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