Wednesday, July 10, 2013


We only read the gas company directions after the fact.  Do not turn on lights or use the phone.  Do not open doors or windows.  Stay outside.  We are inside with the doors open, smelling leftover skunk smell and a cat box that needs fresh litter.  We wait for Nicor to arrive.

We woke up at 4:30
To a faint smell of gas,
Turned on every light
In the house.
This is wrong.
We are still here.
Now we wait
For the gas company,
Doors open,
Noses attentive to every odor.
Skunks were busy outside
In the night.
The cat box
Needs fresh litter.
We no longer smell gas.
Still we wait,
Cat carrier ready.
My beloved will get the cat.
I am in charge
Of the carrier.
We are primed for adventure
At 6 in the morning.
We wait for adventure
At 6 A.M.

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