Monday, July 8, 2013

Familiar order

There is comfort to be found in familiar things.  Like a regular plain old summer thunderstorm coming on gradually and moving on gradually.  Best of all, my weather brain moves with it.  It seems from here I can move on to more adventurous things, with my toes anchored in the familiar.

Now this
Is like summer thunderstorms
The way I remember them.
Distant rumble,
Sky gradually darker,
The patter
Of gentle rain.
This is the progression
Of things
In familiar order.
I am at home
In my chair.
I will go to the Clinic
In an hour,
Like every Monday.
The storm
Will have moved on.
The rumble
At a different distance
Already grows fainter.
The sky becomes
Lighter and lighter.
Eventually the sun
Will appear.
This is the way
I remember.

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