Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Is this normal?

It has been awhile since I*ve made a hospital visit.  It came back natural as breathing.

The grapevine winds its way up
The crab apple
In the backyard.
It did the same thing
Last year.
Most likely
It will do the same thing
Next year.
I will cut it down.
I expect the vine to do the same thing
Next year.
Everything comes
Everyone comes
With his own particular way
With her own particular way
Of being
Of living
Of dying.
Is this normal?
They ask me
In the hospital
As we wait and watch
For death and life
And in between.
Is this normal?
I tell them about my son
Never learning to crawl.
Before he could walk
He rolled everywhere.
It was normal for him.
Now at 26
He walks
Even rides his bicycle
Is this normal?
They ask.
I say
I think it is.

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