Friday, July 19, 2013

Promise of iris

Iris is a spring flower.  I often buy them in April.  In this hot steamy weather I had to buy them, even now in July.  They are in the black olive vase, on the dining room sideboard, surrounded by baby*s breath.

I purchased
The promise of iris
In July:
Two bunches of purple iris:
One pale,
One deep,
Both barely unfurled;
One bunch of baby*s breath
In honor of yesterday*s dream.
The iris shows some promise
The breath holds the space
Between the promise.
July is not the month
For iris.
I was surprised to see them
For sale.
I will coax them along
For another couple days,
Trim their stems,
Add new water.
The promise of iris
In July
Is always one
Worth honoring.

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