Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bee Balm

Yeah!  I knew there was a reason I let those vaguely familiar plants grow.  I originally thought they were successors to the Echinacea I planted three years ago.  Nope.  It seems the soil, that particular spot,  is perfect for bee balm, something I never planted to begin with.  Not my original idea, but perfect in its own right.  And the ID?  Thanks, Mom.

The plants
Were vaguely familiar
So I let them grow.
Secretly I hoped
For Echinacea
Purple coneflowers.
When they bloomed
They said
Look us up
It will be worth your while
To let us grow.
I knew I*d seen the flowers
Somewhere in my head
The word Monarda bloomed.
I think my mother has returned
To help the garden along.
She aids the burgeoning bee balm,
Gives it the proper Latin name
In my head
So I can look it up
On Google.

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