Thursday, July 11, 2013


Sometimes mysteries bring us together in... well... mysterious ways.

The daughter
Is at camp.
The cat
Is sound asleep
In the playroom.
My beloved and I
Are in the midst
Of two separate
Evening things
In two separate rooms.
We converge
In the hallway,
Survey the basement
Where the gas leak
From an old dryer hose
Awakened us at 4:30
That morning.
Nothing there.
We can*t figure it out.
We return to our places.
Number two.
We converge on the hallway
The cat joins us
This time.
We talk about birds
Hitting windows
But it is dark
Most birds have gone to bed.
A complete survey
Of the upstairs finally reveals
A downed shower curtain rod
In the daughter*s bathroom.
Mystery solved
This time
At least.

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