Friday, July 26, 2013

Six things before breakfast

Social media provides so much information about ... well ... so much.  Already this morning I have learned about the black bear in Estes Park, Colorado who has learned to open doors and walk into local businesses. The fun fact about coffee beans and civet poop does make me wonder whoever thought to do this in the first place.  This makes me wonder about whoever decided raw oysters were a food item.  Which makes me wonder... well ... a lot of things.  Time for breakfast with real breakfast food (cereal with skim milk, and, of course, coffee).

A bear walks into a bar
In Colorado,
A black bear.
This is perhaps the start
Of a great joke.
Better even than
A bear walks into
A candy store.

The most expensive coffee
In the world
Is made from coffee beans
Found in civet poop.

I think I shall eat breakfast
Before I find out
Four more things.
My brain
Is full.
My stomach

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