Saturday, July 6, 2013

We will stay where we have always stayed

I grew up in Minneapolis.  I have not lived there since high school.  When Mom moved into assisted living years ago and left the family home, my family always stayed at a particular motel in Golden Valley.  Truth be told, it is not an easy place to get to or from, but now, years later, the paths are well-worn.  We know the pool, the continental breakfast. No, it is not particularly close to my son, but it is familiar.  The paths are well-worn.  We can get anywhere from there and back.

We will stay
Where we always stayed
When Mom lived
In assisted living,
My sister lived
In St. Louis Park,
My brother lived
In St. Paul.
Now Mom lives
Nowhere visit-able
Or perhaps everywhere
My sister lives
In Santa Fe;
My son now lives
In Northeast Minneapolis;
My brother lives
In the same house on Laurel
In St. Paul.
We will stay
Where we have always stayed,
Even though my son
Will be the only one home.
We will stay
Where we have always stayed.
There is a small comfort
In knowing exactly
Where we will be.


  1. Catherine, This resonated deeply. We stay in the same hotels on our annual vacations. We all love the ritual of it. It makes you feel at home in the world, wherever you go!

  2. Thanks, Kelly. Yes... it is thst "at-homeness" we seek. Wonderful way of putting it!