Wednesday, September 25, 2013


This story arrived in my inbox this morning, courtesy of Inward/Outward.  It got me thinking about cookies and tables... and other things.  Like sharing cookies.  Like the larger table we all share.

Because the tea shop was crowded, a man took the other chair at her table and ordered tea. The woman [already seated there] was prepared for a leisurely time, so she began to read her paper. As she did so, she took a cookie from the package on the table, and noticed that the man across from her also took a cookie from the same package. This upset her greatly, but she ignored it and kept reading. After a while she took another cookie. And so did he! This unnerved her and she glared at the man.

While she glared, he reached for the fifth and last cookie, smiled and offered her half of it. She was indignant. She paid her money and left in a great hurry, enraged at such a presumptuous man. She hurried to her bus stop just outside. She opened her purse to get her fare. And then she saw, much to her distress, that in her purse was her own package of cookies unopened.

Told by Walter Brueggemann
Source: Voices of the Night

I believe it is time
To share my cookies.
Simply time
To share.
Yesterday we sat in my office,
Declared it is time
For both cookies and table
To be shared.
This was meant
From the beginning.
My table
My cookies
Our table
Our cookies
The dinner bell has rung.
Dessert has been served

Woe to those who leave the table.
Woe to those
Who find cookies left
In our purses.

Joy abundant to all
who remain at the table.
Joy abundant to all
Who share
The last cookie.

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